Why Is The Door Different From The Sliding Door?
- Sep 05, 2018 -

2017 door is still a barn door, it is already beautiful when it has not become a net red.

Now, it has become a fashionable door, people have gradually found that the barn door is a kind of sliding door, but they are structurally still a great difference.

"The barn door can't be casually installed."

Door and sliding doors are different, the sliding door can be installed only with a doorway, and the barn door needs to choose to be able to load the wall surface.

Because the door is suspended, by the force of the track, so the beam on the doorway is required to have a certain load-bearing capacity.

In another case, you can also install the barn door, but the wall must be red brick or concrete cast-in-situ wall.

Do not load the hollow brick, foam brick wall surface, give up the barn door bar. And many areas in fact not suitable for the installation of barn doors, we can not look at the barn door of the value of hard to take it home.