What Are The Characteristics Of The Barn Door
- Nov 10, 2018 -

What are the characteristics of the barn door?

1. Simple installation: The barn door is actually a kind of sliding door. Its track is exposed outside, so the installation method is very simple.

2, save space: Because compared to other types of sliding doors, so the barn door is more space-saving, but also solves the problem that the sliding door cannot be installed because the door opening is small.

3, with a closed: because the barn door after installation, has a relatively good closure. Therefore, in the modern interior decoration, the barn door is most commonly installed in the highly mobile places such as the kitchen, the study room and the main guard.

4, strong decoration: barn door in people's impressions, is often considered to have an American style of flavor, but the modern new barn door has been processed and designed, with rich colors and shapes, more decorative.

5, strong plasticity: the plasticity of the barn door, in fact, refers to if the blackboard or cork is attached to the door panel, for example, in the child's room, you can draw some patterns on the child's preferences, let The living room is more lively and vivid.

6. Poor sealing: Since the barn door has no door lock and is also a type of sliding door, there will be some gaps between the wall and the wall, so the overall concealment and sealing are poor.

7, poor sound insulation: the barn door compared to the ordinary door, its sound insulation effect is relatively poor, not suitable for installation in the bedroom room.

8. High load-bearing requirements: The barn door has higher requirements for the bearing capacity of the wall. Since the barn door is suspended, it relies entirely on the track to slide and force, so the wall of the barn door must be able to bear the weight. .


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