Want To Install The Barn Door?
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Want to install the barn door?You have to pay attention to these six questions!

1. Structural stability A set of barn door hardware fittings plus the weight of the door will be at least around 100KG, some even more than 200KG, so check whether the door beam has this load-bearing force.

and to ensure that the wall is uneven, so as not to affect the effect of pushing the door.

2. Export License The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the barn door material meets the export standards, you should ensure that your city does not require a permit to install barn doors. Some cities require a permit for any home renovation that costs more than $500; Other people need structural engineers to sign (especially to add large, heavy, double-hung door).

While this may sound like an unnecessary step, if you sell a house, having an disallowed door can cause you to have problems on the safe road and check it out.

3. Install in that position For example your barn door to be installed in the bathroom. Keep in mind that barn doors do not flush with openings (almost in all cases). The door is basically hovering over an opening on an external track. It completely covers the openings, but does not seal the openings like a typical door, and depending on the type of track you choose, there may be a small gap between the door and the drywall.

If you prefer privacy, especially when using the washroom, it is important to make sure that you get the best contact between the door frames and doors.

4. Whether to install the door lock Because of the way they are installed, the general door will not install the door lock. For families with children, this may be the first choice because children cannot lock themselves in the room.

However, if you try to use one of them as a bedroom or guest bathroom door, you can choose to lock it.

5. Is the style suitable for decoration Many people like the rustic romance of weathered wooden barn doors. Others are attracted by the 007 spy aesthetics. Regardless of your style preference, make sure that your barn door increases overall attractiveness, rather than reducing it. Choose the barn door material that is consistent with your home. The stainless steel version of Zen meditation may be contrary to relaxation, while the recycled Bali Temple keeper brings an affectionate ambience.

The blackboard door shown here is a great way to add charm to a family home. If you like the appearance of the barn door, but want something more shiny than a recycled wood board, consider adding a mirror, composed of a wooden frame mirror. Whether it's functional or beautiful, it's a unique statement. You can also use door as the focus.

In the living room, the medium-toned planks are set in a crisp white and breathtaking.

6. Which material to choose the barn door hardware accessories For the barn door hardware accessories Material selection, we analyze from multiple angles. On the market those black is the iron-plated material, is the iron through electroplating, but only the appearance of a layer, if affected by the collision and flowers, will cause rust.

The hardness and durability are relatively poor, but the price will be relatively cheap. Stainless steel material, the basic choice of 304 stainless steel on the market, because 304 stainless steel in terms of weight, durability, hardness are excellent, in terms of quality and price is the most cost-effective. Door is going to be used for a long time, so the more recommended use 304 stainless steel material