Sliding Door Hardware And Sliding Door Profile Knowledge
- Feb 11, 2019 -

Main indicators of the quality of sliding door profiles

1. Profile aluminum: Whether to use the national standard aluminum, directly determine the quality and cost of the product / many of the current market use non-standard recycling aluminum, the appearance of the ordinary consumer can not be discerned after treatment.

2, wall thickness (cross section): must choose a product with a cross-cut thickness of 1.2MM or more.

(Refer to the standard “National Standard for Aluminum Alloy Building Profiles GB 5237.1-2004”. The minimum nominal wall thickness of door and window profiles shall not be less than 1.20 mm, and the minimum aluminum alloy profiles for outer and outer windows shall be The measured wall thickness should meet the requirements of GB/T 8478 and GB/T 8479 respectively.)

3, surface treatment: whether the paint surface is smooth, whether the PVC sample has foaming and peeling phenomenon.


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