Learn Four Strokes To Choose The Sliding Rail Door Not Worry!
- Sep 05, 2018 -

The importance of the kitchen is self-evident, if you want to create a kitchen space, you can choose a sliding rail door, it does not occupy space, and easy to push and pull, to be able to isolate the lampblack. Now the slide Mendocino is the matte façade, the hazy sense appearance is also very beautiful.

To learn these strokes, select the rail door will not worry!

1, first of all to see the bottom wheel load-bearing capacity and flexibility The most important hardware part of the sliding rail door is the following pulley, whether the slide door can be used for a long time, the key is the quality of the pulley. At present, the market pulley material has metal pulley, glass fiber pulley and plastic pulley 3 kinds.

Plastic pulley texture hard, easy to break, the use of a long time will be astringent, harden, push and pull sense becomes very poor, metal pulley strength, but in contact with the track easily produce noise.

2, look at the door frame selection and door thickness Sliding door using the frame material has carbon steel material, aluminum alloy material, aluminum alloy material, which is the most durable, and next to look at the door thickness, sliding door with the plank, the best choice of 10mm or 12mm thick plate, so that the use of stable, durable, less than 8mm thickness, will appear thin, ethereal;

6mm the thickness of the door is very easy to deformation, difficult to achieve normal use requirements.

3, look at the orbital positioning and damping device High-quality sliding door hardware is mainly embodied in the pulley system and track design, manufacturing and the perfect combination of the two, the track is crucial. Orbital quality depends on its need to be able to match the pulley with a perfect arc, good track in contact with the pulley surface smoothness and strength of the design and excellent, not the thickness of the orbital wall better.

The main is to see whether the positioning of the track is reasonable, there is no glass anti-collision tape, bearing pulley in the promotion of whether the smooth mute, the bottom wheel is placed in the damping system, whether it has a door height adjustment device.

4, considering the tightness, the recommended door interval of not more than 5mm In order to ensure that the two doors staggered closure, all the sliding door products will be spaced, the general external pulley needs 15 mm interval, and the product up and down to add tops, although most products are added to the top, but different products used by the dense sparse, gap size gap is relatively large, so it is recommended to choose between small, Top-tight products.

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