Detailed Introduction To Barn Door Hardware Accessories
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Pulley: Generally a single open door is composed of two pulleys, the screws on the pulley, 40 to 45 mm thickness of the door, if the thickness of the door, the screw will change, the type of pulley is more, there are a variety of styles, before the barn door installation, we have to according to the pulley different specific size, Calculate the specific punch position, arrange the specific punch position, to avoid the damage caused by hole drilling errors, barn door pulley material is mainly divided into stainless steel and high-titanium steel, a variety of materials, because of different processing technology. Rails: Barn door rails are generally divided into a single guide rail and multi-rail connection, barn Door guide length, ranging from 1.2-meter to three or four meters, barn door Guide can be customized, according to the actual needs of customers, tailored to the appropriate length, size and drilling distance is therefore different, so before installing the Barn Door Guide, To measure the size of the hole, to avoid holes in the wall when the hole is not on, we first look at the ancient city gate of the variety of rails, barn door of the length of the gate is generally more than twice times the width of the door, sometimes in order to fix the effect can be suitably extended, Barn door Guide connection method generally have dovetail connection and, Iron plate screw connection two ways. Barn door of the pipe, barn door of the false tube is mainly fixed wall and, the role of the guide, ribs their home tube can adjust the wall and door, between the gap, according to the distance between the doors and walls, you can choose different pinch tube. We can take a look at the length of the common clamping tube and the length ratio of the expansion screw, generally in the absence of the door sleeve and the skirting line, We can choose a 3.5 cm clamp, generally in, door sets and skirting line or switch and other decorations is a centimeter, we add four cm of the door, we choose 4 cm, according to the prominence of the decoration, we choose different lengths of the pinch, often we in the actual operation of the process, the seller will be appropriate to give some gaskets, you can according to their Actual needs, increase the thickness of the gasket to reach, the appropriate length of the requirements, the installation of the pendulum, the bar is also divided into a variety of, there are installed on the ground, there are installed on the wall, we have different types of installation methods, but generally speaking, first we have to punch holes, followed by fixed, in general, plastic pendulum, can also be used for quite a long time, but the metal pendulum is more durable, and in the case of pipes or installation of warm, we can not punch on the ground, we may choose to install the bar on the wall, that is, side-mounted pendulum, install the bar to pay special attention, because some families are using floor tiles, Tile Punch when it is easy to crack, the impact of aesthetics, this requires installation skills and installation experience, barn threshold, barn door limiter installed at both ends of the track, to limit the door to move around the distance and braking effect, the barn door above the rubber pad can, play a buffer, the side of the limit device has six hole screws, Can adjust the tightness of the limit device, by adjusting the screw to fix the limit device in, the rail above, the installation should pay special attention to the installation of a limit device to be rubber cushion side towards the pulley, must not install anti-ballistic gasket, barn door, barn door bulletproof jumping washer, the main role is to prevent the door in the process of switching, Fall from the track, the barn door hardware handle, barn door hardware handle more, have to slotted, there is no need to open groove, generally we use classic handle type more, installation is very simple, barn door locks, barn door locks are also divided into many types, but I do not recommend the use of conventional types, Because that type is not very good switch, it is not very convenient to use, chain and lock hook, I feel very good, more suitable for barn full use, barn door damping buffer, barn door damping buffer, generally used for quiet requirements of high customer, installation of relatively few, but, There are also many customers for the pursuit of the perfect effect of use, barn door, damper installed on the rails, the corresponding holes with screws to tighten. The first step, we are measuring lines, we first measure the width and height of the door, and then measure the width and height of the doors, after confirming the height we, find a good calculation of the corresponding punch position, punch the position is generally the height of the door and 43 mm, the distance between the punch is not the standard distance, is generally 450 mm, To be measured before installation, then put the corresponding, position marked good, with a hand drill or electric hammer good 10 large holes, at the same time, with a horizontal instrument to see if the location of the hole is in a horizontal line, the second step, we put the expansion screw false tube, guide, in order to install in the wall, after installation, wrench tightening screws , adjust the level of the guide rail, and then use the level to detect whether the level, the third step to determine the position of the door punch hole with a pencil, and then punch in the door, the pulley fixed on the door, and then hung to the track, try to run smoothly, the fourth step, the installation of the pendulum, on the ground or the wall to play

Fasten the pendulum with screws, and then the last step of the anti-jumping washer, we put the limit device, with hexagonal fixed, the whole installation process is completed.