Characteristics Of Barn Doors
- Sep 05, 2018 -

1. Simple installation: Barn door is actually a kind of sliding door, its track is quickest way outside, so the method of installation is very simple.

2, save space: Because compared to other types of sliding doors, so the barn door more space-saving, but also solve the problem because of small openings and can not install push-pull sliding door. 3, with sealing: Because the door after installation, has a relatively good sealing.

Therefore door in the modern interior decoration, the most common is installs in the kitchen, the study as well as the main Wei and so on the fluidity high place.

4, Decorative strong: Door in people's impression, is often considered to have an American country flavor, but the modern new door after processing design, with rich color and shape, decorative more strong.

5, Plasticity: barn door plasticity, in fact, refers to if the door is affixed with blackboard paper or cork, such as placed in the child's room, you can according to children's preferences, in the above painting some patterns, so that the room appears more lively and vivid.

6, poor sealing: Because door is no door lock, and also belongs to the type of sliding door, there will be some gaps between the walls, so the overall concealment and poor sealing.

7, sound insulation effect is poor: door compared to the ordinary door, its sound insulation effect is relatively poor, not suitable for installation in the bedroom room. 8, load-bearing requirements High: barn door for the wall of the requirements of gravity is relatively high, because the door is suspended, completely dependent on the track sliding and force, so the installation of the barn door wall must be able to load.