Buy The Same Material Sliding Door Of Money, Unexpectedly Can Buy Two Barn Door!
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Buy the same material sliding door of money, unexpectedly can buy two barn door! 

"My shopping cart is full, or I haven't decided what to buy!"

It's like a classic inner monologue when people buy things.

It's a piece of cake to fill your shopping cart with a barn door.

You don't know which barn door to buy for so long? That's your tangled disease! The barn door is rich in material and can be used as a barn door.

Solid wood, plates, glass and even metal can be used to make doors. You can often see a lot of people with old doors or shabby iron plate to do the characteristic barn door.

The small part first recommended from the orderly door.

1. Solid Wood Door

The solid wood barn door is beautiful, but the price is slightly higher relative to other door, usually 400-1500 yuan.

There are also custom-made barn doors, while sliding doors are often used in the form of solid wood + glass Pure solid wood push-pull door to the ground rail requirements are very high, because of heavy weight, push and pull more difficult, it is difficult to implement. The price of solid wood sliding doors is twice times higher than door.

Probably between 1000-3000.

According to family style to buy barn door, solid wood barn door for simple Nordic style or Japanese style, because the color warmer.

Solid wood barn doors are suitable for storage and bedrooms, and wooden barn doors can withstand moisture in the storage room and withstand noise for the bedroom.

2. Composite Plate Door 

Composite panels with respect to the solid wood barn door texture will be a lot lighter, color is also rich.

Often used as a space atmosphere of active color, but also can have a bright feeling ~ The price of the compound plate barn door is probably between 300-800.

However, the price of the composite plate sliding door is still more than twice times higher than the barn door.

Composite Plate barn door as far as possible from the water vapor, too much water vapor, will lead to the expansion of the composite plate.

3. Glass Barn Door] 

Glass Barn door on the market less, after all, glass door requirements of hardware and glass doors are to be customized. The price of the glass barn door is also slightly more expensive than glass sliding doors.

The price of glass sliding doors is probably between 1200-1700. Glass as the material of the barn door, in fact, it is better to use glass as a sliding door. Glass is usually used as a partition, or a balcony door.

Can be effectively imported into the sun.

4. Metal Door 

Metal-textured doors get up through the heat of the barn door.

The suitable style is probably industrial wind or rigid style decoration.

But a lot of people still put metal doors in warm and warm style of the house, play a style of collision, sparking a different spark.

Metal door and glass doors are equivalent, usually to be customized, the price is slightly lower than the glass barn door. Metal material is not suitable for sliding doors, metal materials need to be large door range to look good.

The door openings of the sliding doors are not enough to install metal doors.

5. Featured Door

Barn door relative to the sliding door special point is that it has several features, is the sliding door is not good to do, such as mirror barn door, blackboard surface door and so on.

The peculiar point of the barn door is that it exudes the personal characteristics of the householder, and the barn door is different depending on the character of the person. Each barn door is special, and the barn doors of different materials are suitable for different areas, so do not tangle your shopping cart with all kinds of barn doors! Pick the one that suits you best, the barn door that's right for you ~