A Message From The Barn Door.
- Sep 05, 2018 -

"Barn door" is the English name of the barn door, originally as a foreign farm warehouse door, said door also belong to a sliding door, track exposure, installation simple, and even the style of a lot of control, so door was planted grass, quickly become home decoration network red. Red is not many, door is the same.

All the bad reviews of barn doors are not actually barn door pots! It's all about the barn door!

Toilet Toilet door is really beautiful fried! But the door opened incredibly is the bathroom! But it is easy to overlook a point, the barn door installation and the wall will leave a gap of more than 1cm, because door is hanging rail door, at least and the ground also has 1cm! this calculation, door such a gap can not isolate the smell, How much will remain.

People who don't mind do not install barn doors in the bathroom.

Bedroom There's no smell in the bedroom, but please! The bedroom is the most need for noise and quiet place. If you live alone, there's no one in the house to visit. To catch up with the Chinese New Year festival to do, only shallow sleep to boil out black eye.

It seems to be a sound insulation door really! is not a sound-proof door is not good to see ~ There are many choices ah ~


Barn door is not suitable for the smoke heavy place! Someone said, my home even open kitchen is not afraid of what gap! But you have to know the barn door material selection is not good, clean up is also very troublesome, let not say façade, even barn door hanging rail clean up, you also laborious! If you insist on installing barn doors in these places, it is also possible, that is, you cannot let the barn door blame.

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