8 Frequently Asked Questions About Barn Doors
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Barn door, is a kind of wooden sliding door that originates from foreign farm, its slide is outside, the shape of the door is primitive and simple.

If you install such a cool door at home, your visitors will be on the bright front.

What are the advantages of a barn door?

1) Good looking! 2) can be removed!

Don't worry about moving.

3) When you have a big door in your home, the cost of sliding doors is very high, but it's nice and economical to install barn doors.

Two, where to find someone to do?

Taobao has a special barn door, you can also buy hardware in Taobao, the building materials market custom door panels.

Three, is not casually installed in where all can? Barn door sealing and sound insulation effect will be more than the general door difference, generally do not install the door lock, must be installed is also installed traditional buckle lock.

Not suitable for the bedroom, it is more appropriate to use in the living room, study these places.

Iv. What are the requirements for installing the barn door to the wall?

Because the door is hanging, completely by the above track force, so the door on the beam must be able to load.

Five, if you do the partition wall also want to install barn door how to do? If the wall surface is poured with red bricks or concrete, it is perfectly fine.

If the material is made of hollow bricks and foam bricks, give up the barn door.

What materials can be used in the door of barn doors?

Solid wood, old wooden boards, old door panels, metal materials, composite panels.

Seven, barn door hardware requirements how?

The better the hardware pulls the smoother and the sound is small, the price is too cheap of the kind don't think about it.

How much does it cost to make a barn door?

A 1m*2m barn door costs between 2000 and tens of thousands of, and you can customize it according to your actual needs.

The price of the factors are: door material, hardware (including: track, hanging rail, stopper, pendulum, anti-off blocks, screws, etc.), workmanship, coating, area size.