The pros and cons of barn doors
- Sep 04, 2018 -

The advantages of barn doors

1. Good looking

Nordic style, rustic style, Japanese style, modern minimalist style and so on can be used door to match.

2. Convenient

Can be removed, can be reused, if you want to move can be moved together with the door.

3. Personality

Although the barn door is more popular these two years, but the installation of a few, you home the barn door, will become a unique scenery.

Shortcomings of the barn door 

Sealing and noise effect than the general door difference, generally do not install the door lock, in order to facilitate the push and pull, you can install style with the handle. Not suitable for the bedroom, bathroom and other more private rooms, more appropriate for use in the study, kitchen, storage room, laundry room, cloakroom, or just a partition, and it is very suitable for partition.

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