How to install barn door hardware?
- Sep 05, 2018 -

First, punching holes in the wall, with long screws to the track nail strong;

Secondly, the hanging rail is mounted on the top edge of the door;

Third, hang the door on the track.

The installation should be set aside from the wall, the ground and the skirting line, to avoid future friction; (about 15-18 centimeters of distance on top of the door can be left)

Installation Team Wall also has certain requirements, preferably not hollow brick, because this fan than the traditional composite door weight sinks a lot.

But the hollow brick can also be installed, you can choose the compound door to install. Barn doors are suitable for use in areas where there is a middle-to-tight demand, where safety is not a requirement, and there is no need for a lock, but there is room for a certain amount of dust and privacy.