Folding Door Part composition
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Folding doors are mainly composed of door frames, door doors, transmission components, rotating arm parts, transmission rods, directional devices and so on. The door type can be installed indoors and outdoors. Each dooréì door has four doors, side doors, doors two fan.

The border between the side door and the leaf is connected by a hinge, Side door Mullion the upper and lower end of the gate are equipped with the upper and lower hinge, the hinge and the door on both sides of the hinged hinge seat, side doors mullion will be around the side mullion rotation, while driving in the leaf with a rotation to 90°, so that the doors open and close, electric, on the hinge end of the installation of the rotating arm parts, The upper part of the door frame is fitted with a transmission unit and a door opener. After the opening of the machine drives the transmission parts of each of the two gear rotation, and the teeth of the two rack to make a straight line movement, the other end of the rack and the rotating arm connection, the arm as a circular movement, side door frame is around the side mullion rotation, electric open doors. Two of the doors in the middle of the joint are equipped with safety protection device, when closed when the obstruction is back to full open state, safe and reliable.

Opening width of 3000-4800mm, height of 3000-4800mm, a total of 26 kinds of specifications, both electric and manual two forms.