Classification of Folding Doors
- Sep 05, 2018 -

According to different styles, folding door side hanging folding door and push-pull folding door two kinds.

Folding door for multi-fan folding, can be moved to the side, occupying less space. According to the ease of installation, folding doors are simple folding doors and complex folding doors. The simple folding door is the same as the flat door, but the hinge is specially designed to connect the folding doors.

The installation of the complex folding door door on the upper and lower rails are used to turn hardware accessories. According to the use of different methods, folding doors can be divided into manual folding doors, Electric (traditional) folding doors, electric (double-type) folding door.

can be purchased according to the needs of use. According to regional characteristics, folding door style has a north-south side of the points. The north with style and calm as the main feature, the most representative is the lattice style, and the most distinctive lattice bar is company. South to style live set as the main feature, the most representative is the flower glass style, compared with the characteristics of the style has grille, ice sculpture, shallow carving, crystal shell and so on.