Basic knowledge of hardware
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Hardware accessories are composed of the following parts: hinge, all kinds of handle, drawer slide, sliding door, folding door track and accessories, and other auxiliary accessories

Part ⅰ hinge, also known as hinges, it is divided into: ordinary hinge, spring hinge; door Hinge; other hinges

Part ⅱ all kinds of handle Two kinds of handle, one is installed in the door, we call the door handle. One is installed on the standard cabinet, we call the furniture handle. Door handle, we are generally very few supermarkets, screws are against pry, door thickness in 12mm, applicable to the box door.

They are made of copper, stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Part ⅲ Drawer Slide Whether a drawer is aesthetically pleasing is a matter of personal preference, and the function and life span depend on the rails.

Drawer rails are made of iron and baking paint, or galvanized.

Commonly used are: backing type, two half pull out of the full pull out, two halves of the ball-type half pull out of the full pull.

Part IV sliding door, folding door track and accessories As we all know, the biggest advantage of using sliding door is to save indoor space, and make the interior layout originality.

Sliding door installation is simple, smooth operation, quiet, so the sliding door track is now more popular on the market by consumers.

In the introduction of goods can be handy, to meet the customer's various questions and doubts, improve our business level.

Part V other various auxiliary accessories As the saying goes, a variety of, in addition to the above four parts of the main products, there are many ancillary accessories, a variety of door suction, cabinet connectors, table feet, brackets, brackets, can make the door automatically close to the ground spring, door-to-gate, various specifications of the bolt, floor nails, gaskets, shelf pins and so on.