Barn Door Installation Conditions
- Sep 04, 2018 -

1, the installation barn door must be a load-bearing wall. 

There are no problems with the load-bearing walls of red brick or concrete pouring.But if the wall is made of hollow brick and foam brick material, then the barn door can only be abandoned.

2. Is there enough empty walls next to the barn door.

On the left or right side of the barn door, is there a blank wall above the door width?The barn door is mounted on a wall, so there must be a wall with a wide door width.

3, the hole top to the ceiling distance >16 centimeters

This involves the size of the barn door hardware, and some special pulleys require higher heights.

4. Barn Door Size

Barn door panel height will be higher than the current openings 5cm-10cm, door width is greater than the width of the openings 5cm-10cm.